The Upper Savannah Land Trust is governed by a Board of Directors operating under the guidance of Officers and an Executive Director. The group meets quarterly at our office in the Upper Savannah Council of Governments Building, 430 Helix Road, Greenwood, SC 29846 at 5:30 p.m., or other locations for special occasions.

Upper Savannah Land Trust Officers and Board 2018-2019


Executive Director: Wade Harrison

President: Rossie Corwon

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Rick Green

Treasurer: Andy Robinson

Board Members and Terms


Terms ending 2019:

Bryan Green                            Stan Todd

Sandy Gresham                       Douglas Bell

Terms ending 2020:

  Will Hodges                             Andy Robinson

Lanny Miller                               Bill Rogers

Frank Wideman                           John Patrick

 Terms ending 2021:

    Rick Green                    Rossie Corwon

Jimmy Sanders                    Brad Thompson, Sr.

Alvin Feltman                    Patrick Griswold

    Tim Burke                         Chuck Gresham

 Stephen Baggett, Jr.             Wayne Steffen