The Upper Savannah Land Trust is governed by a voluteer Board of Directors operating under the guidance of elected board Officers and a paid Executive Director. The Board meets quarterly at our office in the Upper Savannah Council of Governments Building, 430 Helix Road, Greenwood, SC 29846 at 5:30 p.m., or other locations for special occasions.

Upper Savannah Land Trust Officers and Board 2021-2022


Executive Director: Wade Harrison
President: Sandy Gresham
Vice President: Doug Bell
Secretary: Rick Green
Treasurer: Andy Robinson


Board Members and Terms
Terms ending 2022:

Bryan Green
Robyn Agnew
Sandy Gresham
Douglas Bell
Welborn Adams

Terms ending 2023:

Charles Hollingsworth
Andy Robinson
Derek Kinney
Bill Rogers
Frank Wideman
John Patrick 

Terms ending 2024:

Rick Green
Rossie Corwon
Jimmy Sanders
Brad Thompson, Sr.
Tim Burke
Patrick Griswold
Stephen Baggett, Jr
Chuck Gresham
Wayne Steffen